Dimanche 30 Septembre 2007

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I am from South America and in my blood is a mix of European, South American natives, and other that I don't know for sure. The case of Sara Laing is more than sad, since today is happening the same discrimination, but it is a subtle one all over the world. In South America we call "indios" to people who have native features, and we discriminate them although almost every one there have native blood. Is there any real solution, besides going to the streets and protest? Is there any rational and intelligent way to find a permanent solution to racism?
Jeudi 11 Décembre 2008

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DNA testing did not exist untill the 1980's. Even then it still wasn't available in South Africa.
Stop spreading lies
Mercredi 5 Septembre 2018

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Please, research and correct your article. The father had a BLOOD TEST done (100% NOT the same thing as a DNA test), because DNA testing was NOT available at that time. I would love for him to have been her father but without a proper DNA test we will never know.

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