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Thelonius Monk


Born on October 10, 1917 in South Carolina, Monk which has just died out this 17 February 1982 was a pianist with the single style. He was the iniator of the "bop".

Monk liked to collect the hats and the berets.
And to the small finger he carried as a talisman an enormous ring.
In the life as with the piano all at his place was odd For a concert he could unload bottom of the room by making a completely useless turning.
Then with a hat on the head, he advanced towards his piano by posing a foot in front of the other with such precautions that he was thought that he went on minefields.
Prophet of the inatendu, unforeseeable with the least word, the least gesture, he was he also with the least agreement. Run up against harmonies, silences continuous sentences...
Tended fingers, He had an original way to crush the keys to obtain an acid, cruel, strong sonority which defied the imitation.
With the piano he was always there to dispute the melody, the harmony and the rhythm.
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