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Isabel Cardona

I try to be linked to the African roots of my family

Isabel Cardona is a Colombian. She search her roots in music, she try to be linked to the African roots of her family. she looks for the meeting with the spirituality and the magic of her foreheads by means of music.
That’s her feeling.

Isabel Cardona
Isabel Cardona
Isabel Cardona:
On my way to find myself and to seek how I can be of use to God, I started to play music one and a half year ago. Then, I found that I have a talent for the music and I am trying to find how the best way to pass a message to the people is. I have also had a very nice spiritual contact with the "Rastafarism". Thus, I found the African roots. My relationship with the music is to spread love, harmony, conscience; I want to pass the message that in the roots are all the answers we are looking for; that all the knowledge exists already. I would like also, through the music, to clean human minds, to quick them, to give to the people a nice moment of harmony, to connect them with the universe and with God. That is the music!


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