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Dizzy Gillepsie


Eccentric personality of the jazz, Dizzy Gillepsie is famous for his bent trumpet which enabled him to make a different music with Charlie Parker, he was the cofounder of the style be-bop.

One day, somebody at the time of a festival fell on the trumpet from Dizzy. This one yielded so that the house pointed upwards.
Anger passed, dizzy tried to play of his instrument.
Large and happy was his surprise: the sound arrived to him better at the ear.
The next morning, Dizzy went in his manufacturer to ask to him whether it were possible to market the idea.
Dizzy was similar with a fox it was one of the most malignant types on the musical level.
He knew what he did at the place; he knew what he did with back. He invented the ghosts notes - the phantom notes.
Notes which he does not play but that one really believes to hear.
And if America had not preferred the scow servant boys with the musicians, he had been a president.
To be-bop gold not to Be?
Such was the question.
Dizzy chooses to be be-bop to be.
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