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Black Nate Debiase

i make music for everybody

blacknate debiase begin music since age 13 begin playing in a band in high school not only that but father was a musician for 20 years and he played the blues. Nate begin seriously rappin at the age 17 and dropped first album in 1994 titled recognize me selling 10,000 units then dropped another album titled rezzurection selling thousands in 1998 releasing third solo project titled natrix in 2000 selling 7000 units then realeasing the debiase album in 2005 selling over 16,000 units now releasing his 5th solo album titled time 2 eat scheduled for late 2006 or early 2007 will be an album that the world dont want to miss out on produced by atlanta producer sweet p for rich dreams music and black nate debiase ceo of record lable unstoppable starr clubb ent.
this album has alot of heat on it and will sellenormous amount of units

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